Congratulations you made it this far, you have created your server, purchased a domain, and how you're ready for the next step!

An SRV record is useful for any servers for two reasons:

  1. You got a port from us like 25570 rather than the default minecraft port 25565 and you want to make it so people can type rather than in the direct connect box
  2. If you have a large network blacklisted by mojang, you can accept traffic through SRV, rather than just a standard A/CNAME DNS record. The problem with this is ~10% of players will see an error because their computer is using their default ISP DNS servers, which don't support SRV.

Navigate to your DNS settings and input these settings, note the example domain in this demonstration will need to be replaced with your domain and the port will need to be replaced with your servers port:

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