Top Four AMAZING Recommended DDoS Protection Softwares


4it only gives you one port but their plans start at £3.50/mo, they offer unlimited bandwidth, have several plans, and stop attacks of over 500gbps


x4b is the #1 choice for proxies, it's cheap, it will assign you an IP and allow you to assign as many ports as possible, currently being sold, and they have several locations. They have three budget locations starting at 10$/mo for 50gb of monthly bandwidth, New York, Las Vegas, and Amsterdam. However, I highly recommend getting their $15/m plan which will give you 350gb of monthly bandwidth.


FluxCDN is one of the best DDoS mitigation tools on the market, in their words "Block any attack type", gives you analytics, and gives you Attack notifications. All of this starting at only $10.00/mo.

1. blocks dozens of attacks, they are widely known as the best on the market, they have great support, and great in depth analytics.

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